7 simple steps to keep your face Fairer and Healthier

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Basic Facials can be achieved by routine washing of your face with soap water. Some skins vary accordingly for any woman at any age. To maintain, it will be more complicated because skin is more delicate. But don’t worry here are 7 simple basic steps to get a perpetually radiant and a younger looking face.

1. Wash your face regularly using a mild cleanser twice a day

2. Using a Toner and Astringents can refresh and rejuvenate you skin

3. Use everyday moisturizers to prevent your skin drying as this will be useful for working women

4. If your skin is oily use a mild moisturizer while a dry skin type requires a thick moisturizer with more oil content

5. Apply sunscreen lotions which can protect your skin against the harmful Ultraviolet rays which are the root cause of wrinkles, dark spots, pigmentations and also skin cancer

6. Use Day creams and Night creams accordingly to rehydrate your skin

7. Drink a lot of water and pay special attention to the skin near your eyes because they are the most sensitive part of your face



1. Facial beauty products which contain alcohol should be avoided as it results in skin allergies and rashes.

2. Always consult a dermatologist before buying any facial beauty care products.

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