7 ways on how to prevent Body Odor

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how to prevent body odor

How to prevent Body Odor:

A good look and a bright skin can highlight the beauty of your face but a bad odor can form a veil over your beauty. Body odor is a common issue found in most of the people. The reason for body odor occurrence is not exactly due to perspiration but it is caused due to accumulation of bacteria and its excrement.

How perspiration occurs:

Perspiration occurs when our body gets overheated. In order to cool our body sweat results. Perspiration also occurs due to tension and nervousness. Normally perspiration gets trapped in underarms because this region doesn’t get dried easily. As the underarms are closed sweat gets trapped and the bacteria growth starts in the moist region. Once the bacteria and its excrement are formed it results in foul smell.

Here is how to prevent body odor:

Take daily bath: As we know that sweat can result in body order. Hence in order to avoid sweat and to wash away the bacteria, it is necessary to have a routine bath. If a person have excessive body odor then he can bath twice a day.

Use of Antiperspirants: One can use antiperspirants when there is excessive sweat. Normally antiperspirants have ingredients such as aluminium salts which will plug the sweat glands. Hence its use will avoid sweat. But try to avoid the use of baking powder in order to avoid sweat. Its use can be harmful to the skin. So avoid the use of baking powder in the underarms.

body odor remediesDrink plenty of water: Drinking water will make our body to perspirate more. Though we get perspiration it will result in less body odor because water has the capacity to flush out toxins from our body. Once there are less toxins then the bacteria accumulation will also be lesser. Body odor is caused not due to sweat but due to bacteria accumulation in the sweat. So as water washes away the bacteria it will avoid foul order occurrence.

Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, tea and coffee: Intake of excessive alcohol can increase sweat in a person. Once sweat increases it can help the bacteria to accumulate which will result in foul order. Even tea and coffee addicts can be prone to body odor. As the caffeine content increases sweat in a person it will result in body odor. Hence avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, tea and coffee.

Have a good hygiene: A poor hygiene can also be the reason for getting body odor. Usually foods that contain chlorophyll can reduce body odor. Then it would be better to eat more vegetables rather than having non vegetables.

Wear clean and breathable clothes: Clothes that are not breathable can increase foul odor in a body. Hence always prefer to wear clean and breathable clothes. As this will help the evaporation of sweat and also will allow your skin to breathe.

Natural way on how to prevent body odor:

Ubtan is a mixture of Red Sandalwood oil, Methi seeds, Basil, Bengal gram, Ashwagandha roots, Orange peel, Almond, Saffron, Neem, Rose petals, Ambe haldi and other herbs. Usually brides applies the ubtan in their body for getting a perfect skin and removes body odor naturally.

Beauty recipe on how to prevent body odor: Mix Ubtan with coconut oil or rose water and apply under your arms. Leave it for 5 minutes and take a bath. This will give your body, natural incense and make you appear like an angel.

If you feel that bad body odor covers your personality then follow the above points on how to prevent body odor.

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