Protect your Skin from Sun in 4 ways

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Do you know Your Skin’s Number one Enemy is “The Sun”. Want to protect your skin from Sun..? Here are the vital tips on how to do it.

Water – A Priceless Natural Resource to protect your skin

Water is the number one beauty treatment favored by women of every age which will protect your skin. You cannot create beauty without beginning with a clean and clear palette. Forget the very expensive imported waters to protect your skin. If you don’t drink at least eight to ten glasses of water a day, you are depriving yourself of the best beauty treatment on earth.

Have you heard that Japanese women spend twice as much time and money to protect skin than any other women in the world?

To protect your skin, you should always make sun protection a priority. Use a sunscreen formulated lotions or creams which protect your skin along with your moisturizer. Much of the evidence of aging, rough skin, wrinkles, age spots, etc. are really the result of too much Sun affecting your skin. Always apply lots of it not only to your face, but slather it on the chin, neck, hands, and hairline.

Cleansing – Cleaning your face to protect your skin

beautiful girl cleansing her skinThe first rule of beautiful skin is to stop over cleansing it. This is an unnecessary habit and especially true for women in our country. Unless you’ve been up all night digging ditches, your face will not be dirty. Your morning routine should be nothing more than reactivating the moisturizer which you had applied last night, with a splash of warm water or milk. What? Milk? Are you crazy…? Why milk? Yeah. Milk is a lactic acid and will allow your face to receive a natural acid treatment to protect your skin. Please be aware that many of the acids on the market today are synthetic acids that have caused problems with some women. I have seen many reports of everything from sensitivity rashes to permanent scarring. Be careful of the chemical acids you use, and my advice is to substitute nature’s acids in your cleansing routine whenever you can to protect your skin. In addition to milk, consider other natural acids like Pineapple juice, Lemon juice, Tomatoes and also other citrus fruits which contain Vitamin C to protect your skin, keep healthy and get a perfect skin.

Toning – Tone your uneven skin

Protct your skin with lemon toningToning is your second step, and an important one. The purpose of using a toner is to remove residue soap, moisturizer, and oil from your skin. You can spend few bucks for a toner or you can carry around lemons which is what many famous models do. 🙂 Lemons are refreshing and more effective to protect your skin than those silly toners that contain only a little lemon but lots of chemicals. You agree with me, right…?

You can also try other inexpensive alternatives for toning such as Rose water, Witch hazel and Hydrogen peroxide.

Apart from the above, you can also try the following refreshing tea tonic treatment to protect your skin:

Mix 2 teaspoons of green or chamomile tea with 1/2 cup water. Dip with a cotton ball, and apply all over the face. Let it remain on the skin till it evaporates.

Moisturizing – Moist your skin with Inexpensive Moisturizer

women with moisturizerIn my opinion it is unnecessary to spend a lot on a moisturizer to protect your skin. Good basic moisturizers can be found in any drugstore. Just learn to read the labels and look for these low-cost ingredients. Few examples such as:

  1. Lipids which is listed as ceramides, cerebrosides, or sphingo lipids.
  2. Essential Fatty Acids listed as sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, and primrose oil.
  3. Sunscreen which are now available in many moisturizers as a step-saver.

Don’t buy a vitamin E, A, or C enhanced moisturizer which will not help to protect your skin, instead purchase these vitamins in capsule form near your local pharmacy. Get as much potency as available. Prick open the capsule, and add it to your moisturizer. You’ll get all the benefits of the expensive cosmetic creams without the extra chemicals.

By following all the steps above you can protect your skin from sun tan and other deficiencies caused due to it and keep your skin glow and keep healthy.

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