6 Tips for getting the perfect Smoky Eye Makeup

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smokey-eye-makeup-2Every day, makeup is great but it is good to expand your makeup reportorial with the sexy look you can create in a snap. And that to a smoky eye makeup is a big style in fashion world. We see most of the celebrities with this style of makeup. For a perfect smoky eye you need to do proper blending and make sure the colors you choose are blended together flawlessly. It is important to choose a pair of colors with the combination of a dark and a light color. Make sure to apply a primer before applying the eye shadow. So here are the 5 simple tips to get a gorgeous Smokey eye makeup.

1. Smoky eyes are done with one color of eye shadow like brown, grey or black are good choices. Dark colors like navy or dark plum are for the brave. Make sure the eyeliner should match.

2. Prep your lid by applying a thin layer of foundation across your lid. Then sweep on with the nude colored shadow or powder. Use a light shimmer if you are feeling fancy.

3. Use your pencil to draw a line around your eyes. If you want your smoky eyes to look more gorgeous then draw on your inner rims as well. Blend it with a cotton swab or your finger as it is more convenient for our blending needs.

4. Use a brush and start by sweeping on a layer of eye shadow close to the lash line with your eye shadow brush, diffusing the eyeliner.

5. While finish use a cotton swab or a blush brush to blend or clean up any shadow left apart.

6. Apply two coats of mascara on the curled lashes to polish the smoky eye look. That’s it all! Simple isn’t it. Smile

Extra tip for choosing eye makeup colors to get a smoky eye shadow makeup:

· If you have hazel eyes then you can choose some warm colors like black, brown and green.

· If your eye color is brown you can choose dark colors like black, grey and green.

· If your eye color is black then choose privilege brown because black may harden the lines.

· If your eye color is blue then you can use both warm and cool colors like brown, black, green, grey and also navy.

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