7 Mascara tips for getting a best and clear Mascara

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How to apply MascaraBeautiful looks are enchanted from beautiful eyes. Eyes are enhanced and made glamorous by using mascara. Mascara should be used in a right way or else it may spoil your makeup by giving a garish look.

1. Use eyelash curler to warm up your eyelashes before applying mascara. This will curl up your eyelashes and also increase the effect on your eyes.

2. By using a mascara wand with a skinny top will help you to reach the innermost corners of your eyelashes.

3. Touching up the corners of your eyelashes are important as it gives a dramatize look to your eye.

4. Now start applying mascara to your upper side and lower side of your top lash. Applying mascara to the underside of the top lash can give a droopy lashes look.

5. Now roll the mascara wand gently to the upper side of the bottom lash.

6. Apply the second coat of the mascara to the upper side of your top lash which gives a thicker look to your eyes.

7. Use a business card over your brow bone while applying the mascara as this prevents the smudging.

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