Curry Leaves for Hair

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Curry Leaves for Hair

Curry Leaves for hair:

Curry Leaves Uses: Generally Curry leaves are used in cooking, shampooing and making hair oil.

When we hear the story of Raponzel then we admire her long hair and even wish to make our hair long and strong. But how to get long hair? Though we are in modern generation its our old  grany’s  tips that will help us to solve this issue.

Curry leaves for hair:

Curry leaves for hair will make it strong and long. In our childhood days we might have seen our grand-mom using curry leaves in food, shikakai and chutneys. But the reason for this is because curry leaves for hair nourishes it. Its routine use can make hair long and also maintain the color of the hair.

Curry leaves for hair are very good for hair growth. It makes hair to grow long and also maintains its color.

  • Curry leaves for hair maintains hair color:

  • People who have grey hair can have curry leaves in food to avoid premature graying  of hair. Curry leaves can give good nourishment for the hair. If we intake curry leaf in our food then it can make hair long and black.
  • You can also heat coconut oil in a small pan along with dried curry leaves. Then sieve the oil once it is cooled. Use this oil regularly to get long, strong, black and healthy hair.

Curry leaves for hair used in shampooing:

In today’s generation we use costly shampoos and conditioners for our hair. Harmful chemicals can spoil the hair follicles which will result in hair damage.  So try to go for natural and herbal product which is Shikakai (or Acacia Concinna). Powder Shikakai with fenugreek seeds and curry leaves. Mix this powder with water and make a paste. Apply this paste on your hair and then wash with water. This will not only give you long and black hair but also will avoid lice and dandruff.

Curry leaves for Hair used in Oil:

Curry leaves can be used in hair oil to nourish the hair. Heat coconut oil with dried curry leaves in a kadai. Cool this mixture for sometime. Then sieve the mixture to get the oil. Apply this oil on your hair daily. This will make your hair strong and also will avoid hair damage.

These are the ways as how curry leaves can be used in order to make hair long. If we see a curry leaf then in just a small leaf but it has lot of benefits for hair. So try to follow your grandmom’s tips to get long and beautiful hair.

Though it has the above medicinal value and good for hair because it avoids premature graying of hair. People can have raw curry leaves or curry leaves mixed in chutney and intake this routinely. This will help you to maintain the hair color. Everyone will wish to have black hair. So try to eat curry leaves in order to avoid hair grayness.

Curry leaves Benefits: Cooking:

Curry leaves are rich in vitamin A and B. It’s a good flavoring agent. Its usually used in Indian foods like vada, sambhar, rasam, etc in order to increase the flavor of the food. Do you know the reason for using curry leaves in cooking? It is because curry leaves have health values.

curry leaves

  • Curry leaves can help in easy digestion.  If you have digestion problem then take a glass full of butter milk and add few grinded curry leaves along with salt. This will help in easy digestion of food.
  • It can reduce blood sugar.
  • Its juice can reduce Kidney pain.
  • It is also effective from the bites of poisonous animals.
  • Lime juice with curry leaves can be very beneficial for pregnant ladies.  This will avoid vomit, nausea and dehydration stage.

These are the health benefits of curry leaves. Thus  if we see curry tree then its just a small tree growing 4–6 m  but this small tree can give lot of health benefits. After reading this curry leaves for hair article hope you learned the benefits of curry leaves for hair and in cooking.

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