Banana Face Mask for a guaranteed younger look and radiant skin glow

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Banana Face Mask:

woman honey facial masks banana face maskAre you ready to make your own face mask at home? Did you know that the bananas are the excellent source of vitamins C, Vitamin B6 and Potassium? Not only they are good in taste but they also plays great to your skin too. They do really well for dry skins as they rejuvenate the skin. Here is a quick illustration of how to make a banana face mask at home in a very easy and inexpensive way.

Banana Face Mask recipe ingredients:

  • Two medium-sized banana
  • Three tablespoons of honey

Take a small bowl and mash two medium-sized bananas with the fork, this is easy to do and it really smells delicious isn’t it? Add three tablespoon of honey to the mashed bananas. Honey is an excellent skin brightener and tonner. So you are going to mix that up, once you get a good and combined consistent of banana face mask, you are going to take it and smooth it onto your skin. Of course you can use your fingers because that is not going to hurt you and also if you have a facial brush you can use them too.  You can find them in any beauty supply store and that is a fine way to put it on. Now you can leave face mask on to your skin for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it off with warm water and pat it dry with a clean towel. Now look at the mirror of your awesome skin tone. It will now look beautiful, youthful and glowing.

Benefits of Banana Face Mask:

  1. Bananas have an excellent moisturizing effect on dry skin leaving your skin very soft and hydrating.
  2. The bananas contain food acid in them which helps to remove the dead skin. So this face mask help exfoliate the skin by removing the dead skin cell and leaving your skin youthful and fresh.
  3. Banana Face Mask has an anti-acne action which helps to hydrate oily skin and thus combating acne and shield the skin from loss of moisture.
  4. Banana Face Mask has a very excellent anti aging property which allows your skin to look younger and fresh.
  5. The flesh of the banana has full of antioxidants which can soothe, relief and aid for sun burnt skin.
  6. Honey is an excellent anti-bacterial property and used for many skin infections, skin scarring and sore throat as well.

So try Banana Face Mask weekly once and you will definitely see the massive change in your skin which will increase your personality to the peak. Feel free to leave a comment about Banana Face Mask or if any other points need to be added and also kindly share it among your friends.

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