4 Professional Makeup Brushes for a complete make-up look

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professional-make-up-brushesThere are a variety of best makeup brushes in the market, but many confuses you as which one is the best to use. If, so? Then don’t worry, here is a brief and step by step narration of how to select a professional makeup brushes for your make up kit. There are different kinds of makeup brushes but all you need is just four of them. They are Blush Brusher or Powder Brush, the Lip Stick Brush, an Eye Shadow brush and an Eyeliner Brush. Lot of people suggests not using makeup brushes but I say, with the use of a makeup brush you can make your makeup so much hygienic and easy.

1. The First brush I am going to tell you is the Blusher brush or the Powder brush. It has a angled bristles, so you can get into the socket lines easily. Apply highlighter to the top of the cheeks and also use it to move around to just blush out to the apples of the cheeks and you can also use this brush to powder all over the whole face. This brush gives you a really light finish compared other powder puffs or sponges.

2. The second brush is your Eye shadow brush. This can be used over the whole eyelid area. You can also use it to apply concealer before you start applying your eye shadow. This way it gets into the tiny little crevices and creases in your eye. You can also use it to blend your eye shadow. Please note that when you are blending eye shadow blend outwards of the eye area, I like this eye shadow brush because the bristles are quite long which are easy for blending and also it is quite thick so that you can apply lot of eye shadow in one time and it blends very soft into your eyes. It has shorter hairs with which you can drag the skin.

3. The third brush is the Lipstick brush or Lip gloss. I like this brush because it got a very long bristles for lip brush. This is also very wide so that you can get a nice thick even coverage of lipstick. This brush is quite tapped at the end so that you can get up into the cupid bow and into the corners of the mouth. It is very thin and wide at the same time.

4. The fourth brush is the Eyeliner brush. It has long bristles with fine point at the top which is great for getting those tiny spaces in between the lashes and creating that beautiful 50s and 60s flicks in the outer corner of the eye. It is very thin which is great to get into the tiny thin eye liner look into the corner of the eye and it also creates a really neat line.

So with these four brushes you can create a complete makeup look. Lot of supermarkets now do brilliant synthetic brushes that if looked out properly and cleaned on a regularly basis should last for a while but ideally do spend on getting a natural hair brush as it will last you forever.

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