How to apply Face Makeup in 15 to 2 minutes

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How to apply Face MakeupFace makeup:

Everyone loves to make their face more attractive.  Face Makeup is the matter how much time we take to apply any cosmetic. Allocating the time is the key to apply any face makeup. The purpose of a beauty product should be to  make  the  face  look  more  attractive, lively, younger,  interesting,  prettier,  or  more  polished.  Making up your face means looking like you, but even better! So, here I just want to tell you that you need to know to maximize your best assets while minimizing any defects. This article will show you how to do face makeup whether you have 15 minutes or 2 minutes. You do have time to show your best face to the world.

The 15 minutes face makeup:

Here is how I m going to tell you how to apply your face makeup when you’ve got time to create a total look that can take you through the entire day.

1. First of all apply foundation with fingers or with a sponge. When you are searching out for a look that’s more “natural,” your fingers are the best makeup tool. Do you know the warmth of your fingers allows your foundation to spread quickly and more evenly? You’ll also have more control especially while doing face makeup. Start at the under-eye area. This is the area where you need more coverage. Blend all over the face, including lips. Sweep more heavily over flaws. Go lightly even over your “good” areas to even out the color.

2. To get a professional-looking eyebrow, follow these simple tips:

  • Brush your eye brows down, using a toothbrush or lash comb.
  • Fill in using a soft pencil.
  • Spray the toothbrush using hair spray.
  • Brush your brows with the toothbrush back up and into place.

3. Two quick steps to get beautiful eyes.

  • Apply a medium-toned eye shadow and a deep color on the crease and slightly above the outer parts of your eye, using a kohl pencil or darker eye shadow dipped in water.
  • Lightly powder lashes to give mascara a coat to cling to. Line your lids using pencil or liquid liner. Brush the first coat of mascara on. Comb it to separate the hairs. Powder over liner in a shade just slightly lighter than the liner. To get a complete look powder under your eyes.

4. To get a Perfect lips. Use a neutral lip pencil rather than one that matches your lipstick. Apply lip pencil in dots around your lip, then play “connect the dots,” following the natural lip line. Apply lip stick with a brush to make it last longer. After applying the lipstick, pucker lips into an extreme “O.” Use your finger to cover up in a tissue and press (poke) it into your mouth. Clean up any excess color that could end up on your teeth. That’s all for this 15 minutes face makeup. 🙂

Face Makeup in 5 Minutes

5 minutes face makeup:

To look completely set to go in five minutes, concentrate on the basics.

1. Apply foundation as a concealer on shadows and ruddiness.

2. Apply eye liner and an eye shadow over and under lids.

3. Use a neutral lipstick on the apples of cheeks and lips.
Face Makeup in 2 Minutes

2 minutes face makeup:

1. Apply tinted moisturizer all over your face.

2. Sweep over a quick coat of mascara.

3. Apply bronzing gel on eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Kindly leave your comment and share on how you did your face makeup. To watch videos on different kinds of face makeup visit Michelle Phan website.

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