How to Apply LipStick

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Lips-MakeupThe most attractive part in your face is your lips, coloring your lips gives more attraction. So here are some tricks to choose a color, apply and keep your lipstick stay longer.


How to choose a lip color:

Many of us have this confusion in choosing a right color for our lips. Pink colors are very feminine and beautiful color for all women while red color gives a seductive look and fun. Brown color gives a business type look and appears natural while transparent give a very chic look.

Choosing a lip liner is very important because you do not want to be distinct line. When applying a lip liner you should make your lips tight starting in the center top, starting in the center on the other side just nice smooth line. Cute tips can always help you fix a line if you made it go out so do not panic finishing is to go to the corners of the mouth and then you start on the bottom again starting in the center then moving the way out in one swift motion and then to add the lipstick again you start from the center top keeping your lips very tight will get you a better application and then to apply the finishing lip gloss it is always best to use a brush. The brush will help you blend the rest of the lipstick and it will keep the crevices from happening in your lips also. If you are using Lip Gloss it is best to start from the outside because you do not want to be glossy in the middle and gentle stock back and the middle. Always match the lipstick with the lip liner.

How to make you lipstick last longer:

Apply a lip liner on your lip, apply it over the lines of your lips and this will help your lipstick stay longer. Take a tissue and place it between your lips, then a pinch of face powder to set the lipstick and then reapply. This way you can keep your lipstick last longer.

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