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Makeup FoundationAll about Makeup Foundation:

Makeup Foundation is one of the most important thing when you are doing makeup because you need a foundation which is perfect for your skin tone and making the best out of the look but of course it is really hard to find a foundation because many people really find it hard to find a perfect makeup foundation for them.

Different types of Makeup foundation:

The first type is the liquid foundation which you can find in any drug store or departmental store. There is also mineral powder foundation which is made with natural minerals and which comes in a jar that you would buff onto your face with a kubuki brush and the other one is the cream foundation which is often used by professional makeup artist because cream foundation tends to be a bit more on the full coverage side. It is especially used on photo shoots, especially which you have a very hard looking skin or any scar or mark on your skin to cover it cream foundation is used by the professionals. There is also a powder makeup foundation which comes on a compact powder which can be applied with a kabuki brush and the last foundation is tinted moisturizer, now this type of makeup foundation is used on summer it give a lighter coverage and moisturize the face gives a light layer of foundation so those were some of the foundations.

Identify your requirements:

Do you want a foundation that is really quick and easy to apply just within a few minutes in the morning or you will have some time for applying the foundations. For example liquid foundation needs some time to apply and to look even. The powder foundation is easy and you can apply in the morning if you are in rush. If you are looking for a foundation for a special event or a photo shoot then you can use a liquid foundation, but i suggest you to apply a liquid foundation without sunscreen in it because it can reflect light, and it will show white shine in your picture and you don’t want that.

Selecting the perfect coverage for your makeup foundation:

Before selecting the foundation you should think what type of coverage you want. If you want a full coverage, full coverage meaning that if you has any hard mark on your face or scars. If you want a medium coverage is that you still have it on but it will not be a heavy one. Light coverage which will be like a tinted moisturizer that is if you have a pretty good skin and you don’t like to have a lot of coverage or makeup foundation type.

Skin type:

If you really don’t know what type of skin you have is to wash your face with water or a cleanser. Then leave it for an hour don’t not apply anything for an hour and then check if your face is totally dry then you have a dry skin or if it is oily and dry in some areas then you have a combination skin of both dry and oily skin and if your face is greasy then you have oily skin and if you apply any moisturizer and it burns then you are likely to have a sensitive skin. Knowing or identifying your skin type is more important because when you are going to a makeup counter and discuss it with a makeup artist so that they will help you select a makeup foundation that will match with.

How to choose the right color:

To choose a right color for your skin take the foundation in a tester and then applying it in the chin area make sure that you are not wearing any product before applying it to your face because you really want to make your skin tone. Usually makeup foundation is tested on the chin area because this is the area which doesn’t have a lot of discolouration.

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